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Managing Your Property

Our staff are consummate professionals. Enthusiastic and dedicated at all times to offer you an efficient, courteous and practical service to protect your interests at all times.

Day to day management of your investment is of paramount importance to us and we want you to have complete peace of mind.

We pride ourselves on our efficiency. From marketing, administration and a prompt response to daily issues that arise in the management of your property through to management of client's accounts, we want ensure that you are completely confidant of our ability to react immediately to any problems that may arise and to ensure that the tenancy runs smoothly.

Once your tenant has occupied your property you want to know that we have in place a thorough management programme to ensure that your property is maintained to a high standard and is returned at the end of the tenancy in an acceptable and clean condition, as it was before entrusted to the tenant.

We know that faults do occur periodically. We will inform you, wherever possible, when these events occur and ensure that any costs are kept to a minimum. Your input is gratefully received and we shall ensure that any works are carried out with your approval. Our contractors are trusted and can offer quotations where necessary.

Your satisfaction and the ability of your tenant to enjoy your property is of paramount importance to us and, together we will ensure that things run as smoothly as possible

We ensure that during the tenancy regular periodic checks are made on the property to ensure all is well at the property and that the tenants are taking their responsibilities seriously.

If at any stage we feel that improvements on the general care of the property can be improved, this is brought to the attention of the tenant and they are given sufficient encouragement and time to deal with the issue. After a reasonable period of time and, if these issues have not been addressed by the tenant, our maintenance team will be brought in to play. An issue that often arises is care of the gardens (if applicable). Our own garden specialists are well versed as to the term 'normal wear and tear' and will restore a garden to that which a seasonal 'clip & clear' dictates.

We are open 6 days a week and the tenants are giving clear instructions as to procedure should there be a fault at the property. They are not permitted to contact suppliers or tradesmen should a problem occur. There are to immediately contact our office maintenance team who will organise the necessary repairs efficiently and and the most reasonable cost.

Our team of supplies and tradesmen are tried and tested. Many have offered their services to us for years and know instinctively what is required and what is considered a reasonable cost. Wherever possible, you would be contacted before any repairs were carried out. It is our intension to protect your property from further damage if an essential fault was not attended to without delay.